Amadora means..."She who loves" or "the adoration of the Divine Mother" is a musical offering born from Eden and Ilan's shared desire to create "prayerformance music" and their devotion to awakening together through their creative love and joy.


Eden is the melody maker and lyricist. She sings and plays the archetypal channel that receives the transmission from the Goddess. She is an explorer in the mysteries and a muse.

Ilan is the musical wizard that realizes these strange musings and helps manifest them in the audible realms through his classical training and digital mastery- He made it clear early in their relationship, "I'm here to serve the Goddess!"

May Amadora be part of a larger wave of awakening and healing on the planet as the age of the open heart brings back balance and harmony and lifts the veils of separation. May we know freedom, grace, peace and love.