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  • Company | Introduction
    Focus on Audiovisual equipment 8yr
    fully reinforced
    Shenzhen century star audio and video
    equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, is a professional engaged in the production of scientific and technological projection products and integrated sales company. Our aim is: to develop...
  • Qualifications | Authentication
    CE certification report
    Quality assurance
    The company was founded in 2008, 8
    years to focus on R & D and production of audio-visual equipment, through the CE certification, access to a number of industry patents, and to ensure that every detail from the Department...
  • Cases | Engineering
    Serving more than 6 thousand large
    and medium-sized enterprises
    The century star products, leading the
    fashion, to meet the business, education, government, family and other needs of different customers, close exchanges and cooperation with international well-known enterprises, continue to absorb...
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