Daughters of Gaia

The music on the track is really illuminating it has some vivid description. This is a summer jam and puts you in a great mood. The percussion on this song is so cool. Wow, this is so cool! Yeah! I like this type of junk. These thoughts of hers, these lyrics, sound so sexy. Oh I can listen to this record over and over and over again. I can run with her for so long! What! This is so crazy. Our mother earth too! What? Y’all don’t even understand! Oh, this song is so free. If you listen you can tell. I see it just shooting straight for her dreams. Like duh! This song is a hit! This track is cray cray. Hold on! I almost forgot to mention the instruments on her track as well, They really speak to the listener. The melody to this song is sassy! Oh, this song can't be touched right now because it’s hot! This track has all the bells and whistles to be a sure fire classic. Oh, I can smell awards coming now!”


“The introduction makes you wonder what’s coming next. Her voice is extremely beautiful. vocals and Melodies tie together. lyrics are amazing. It's something i could hear on the radio. i love the surprise rush given to you in the middle of the song very exciting but still within the boundaries of her soft spoken lyrics”

“I'm really loving the techno/pop fusion going on in this song. That is always a great combo that people just don't use enough. I also liked that the techno sound was fast paced while the vocals and melody were slower paced. It was a really interesting contrast. The vocals were lovely and with a great round tone. The lyrics were love lorn and just pulled you in. There were so many great sounds in this song, you just can't go wrong here.”

“A very starry sound, almost dream-like. The vocalist is strong, with a smooth control of her sound. It 's a very interesting sound, innovative even.”

“This song is dreamy, catchy and on point. The artist’s vocals are very feminine. The words are nice. It is a song that I can see being played in the club or on the radio. I give it 5 stars!”

Dream Awake

“The song is great. The intro captured my imagination and put me into the future. The beat had a very weird space-like epic sound that naturally lead into this tempo that in a way builds up and calms you at the same time. The beat definitely embodied the lyrics, dreaming awake, is all the more to be a paradox of the calm and serenity of sleep and the excitement of being awake and living your wildest dreams. The singer's rich vocals add to the grand theme of the song. I believe the singer, Her expression in tone is well portrayed in beautiful, well shaped sound. Overall this is a creative, accomplished piece and I believe with talent like this you should definitely reach a commercial success. It already sounds like she knows what she is doing. I love the song.”

“When the tempo started, it sent chills down my spine. There was something so haunting about the music. It had the pace of a heartbeat or like the beat you hear in a horror film when something's about to sneak up on you. I enjoyed the anticipation. I think it lead perfectly into the song, and the music was strong. It did its purpose. The artist has a nice range. Her voice was equaliy as powerful as the music. She had a great pitch and stayed on key. Her voice was strong and edgy. But she also had a clear and sweet voice. The lyrics of the song were original.”